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Holding On For Life is Dear

I have been thinking about tenacity. I was moved to see the families of those who died at Hillsborough win a Women of the Year Special Award this week. Campaigner Margaret Aspinall, who lost her son James collected the award on behalf of the "mothers, sisters, daughters and aunts" and their 27-year fight for the truth. Ninety-six Liverpool fans died in Britain's worst-ever sporting disaster on 15 April 1989. Fresh inquests concluded in April that the victims were unlawfully killed. Police errors were blamed for the crush while the Liverpool fans were cleared of any blame. What struck me again was the women's tenacity, 27 years is a long time to hold on and perservere. As yet another wome

Inner- balance or inner-ballast?

A new magazine called Balance launched in London in April this year. It has a steady focus on mindfulness and better wellbeing, and a mission to wake Londoners up to the benefits of both. A thought occurred to me as I read through it this week. If it was called Ballast it would feel like a very different proposition as indeed would the notion of ‘work-life ballast’, ‘mind and body ballast’ or indeed ‘inner ballast’. I love ships, I especially love container ships. I love how they can move smoothly through water whilst carrying so much cargo, so much weight. They stay afloat because they have ballast. I spent time with dock workers on a recent project, and they explained what a skille

Can Brands Help Us Feel Better About Ourselves?

Female self-esteem is in crisis. Everywhere I look, I see a different conversation about the state of women’s relationship with themselves. How did it get into such a dreadful place, who is to blame, what can be done about it? In the UK, the recently published NHS Digital National Survey on Health and Wellbeing tells us that 1 in 4 young women aged 16-24 reported a common mental disorder such as anxiety, OCD or depression. That is an uncomfortable statistic. Further research comissioned by Dove tells us that British women have the lowest self-esteem in the world and it’s getting worse. As a therapist, I can say that one of the most common issues for my clients, both male and female, is

From Mindfulness to 'Bodyfulness'

There’s nothing less likely to get me breathing than a softly whispered new-agey invitation to ‘stay with the breath’. That is just me, it might get others flowing just fine. However, when not breathing becomes as natural to us as breathing, it can cause some problems. Knowing how and when to unlock a breath and soften your body, might be a gift for your emotional health. There are many different theories on the benefits of breathing, and different ways to do it better. ‘Mindfulness’ has become the trendy expression of modern breath work, clearing mental clutter and connecting to the self in the now. It is seen as the solution to everything from corporate performance to school bullying