Neuro-Cognitive Anxiety Treatment

This is a therapeutic approach that works on the principle that the anxious brain (with its triggers, habits and patterns of response) can be re-set.  Anxiety isn't itself a mental health issue, everyone experiences some anxiety. It becomes an issue when worrying about worrying or being anxious about being anxious really starts impacting on the quality of a persons life.


This approach is specifically designed to work with the full range of anxiety and OCD symptoms, including intrusive thoughts, and works across a shorter number of sessions than Psychotherapy. 


This work isn't designed to reach into the deeper emotional experiences that might be creating the anxiety in the first place. That is the work of Psychotherapy. 

Here we use focused exercises to rearrange the relationship with anxious thoughts, associated feelings or rituals, lessen the symptoms of anxiety and calm the nervous system.  

Neuro-Cognitive Anxiety Treatment (NCAT) usually works over 6-12 sessions.