Body Psychotherapy

A powerful combination of talking Psychotherapy and therapeutic body work that uses advanced neo-Reichian breathing and bio-physical techniques to loosen defensive structures held in the body, unlock emotions the body is holding onto and release more energy for living.   It can happen face-to-face, it is also very effective as a remote or online method.

Wilhem Reich was a student of Sigmund Freud's who developed a new frontier in psychoanalysis, that being the body, and the bodies life force or energy, what Reich called orgone energy.  Reich is considered a pioneer in Western clinical approaches to working with the body and mind together- other cultures had of course long beaten the West to that focus.  Reich's work was developed at a time when attitudes to sexuality and gender could be extremely limited and limiting.  Neo-Reichian therapists have developed a more diverse and inclusive way of working.  Having said that, Body Psychotherapy isn't suitable for everyone, there are some medical conditions that make this way of working unsuitable.  This can be discussed.

 I trained in Reichian character analysis and  Body Psychotherapy in the USA, and I am one of very few certified Reichian body Psychotherapists in the UK. 

  How it works: Body Psychotherapy is Psychotherapy so it requires a weekly commitment over at least 12 weeks, it happens clothed and lying down.