Dr Joanne Lacey
Psychotherapist. Body Psychotherapist. Relationship Therapist

MBACP (Accredited), PhD, Certified Orgonomist  

 Like a lot of therapists my path into this work isn't linear.  I moved from an MA in The Social History of Art to a PhD in Social Psychology.  I had an academic career, and a commercial research career before embarking on a clinical training as a Psychotherapist, and for the last 5 years as a Body Psychotherapist.  During this time, I have had the privilege to work all over the work, and with diverse groups of people and a diverse range of issues. 

I decided to train as a Psychotherapist 9 years ago because I wanted to be able to work clinically.  I chose Person-Centred therapy, a modality developed in the USA in the 1940s by Karl Rogers.  Person-Centred therapy still feels like the most collaborative and therefore most powerful way of working.  Essentially what this approach believes is that given the right conditions in therapy, a person WILL find their way through what's going on.   

I qualified as a certified Orgonomist in 2022.  Orgonomic Therapy is a branch of Body Psychotherapy that works in a truly integrated way with people as living systems made up of bio-physical processes, neurological processes, emotional processes.  Orgonomy works with the whole energy system in the body and restores the life-force if you like.  It uses advanced breathing techniques and hands on bio-physical work ( muscle release, mobility) in conjunction with talking psychotherapy and character analysis, which identifies individual defensive patterns.   It was a rigorous 5 year training in the USA and I am proud to be one of the only certified Orgonomists in the UK. 

Relationship counselling seemed like a natural extension to working with individuals.   I trained in the principles of the IMAGO approach to relationship work.  IMAGO is evidence based, systemic, precise and truly person-centred.  It transforms conflict into connection and trains partners to communicate better for life. 

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