Dr Joanne Lacey


 I started my working life as an academic researcher and teacher in Social Psychology, before moving into the commercial field, helping brands and organisations understand how and why people think and behave in the way that they do.  It’ s been an education to work all over the world and with people from different backgrounds and cultures.  I added a clinical qualification as a Psychotherapist 9 years ago.  In 2021 I added another qualification as a Somatic Psychotherapist, which means that I can combine talking therapy with hands on bodywork.  Bio-physical or body psychotherapy releases emotions using breathing and muscle movement.    


Like most of us, I have had my own issues with mental health.  I’ve navigated depression for most of my life.  I’ve also had a lot of therapy, some of it average, some of it terrible, and some of it great.  My readiness to commit to the therapeutic process, and my relationship with the therapist were the things that made the biggest difference in the end.  

I see therapy as a powerful combination of creativity, collaboration, philosophy, psychology, science and context.  When that comes together in a powerful way, it can change lives.

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