What do you charge?

There are different prices for different therapies, see info here. I do offer some low-fee therapy, more information on that here

Do you see people face-to-face? 

Yes I do, I have a clinic in Liverpool and there is a clinic in Cheshire opening in June.  I also see people online.  Please note, I don't do telephone counselling.

Is Body Psychotherapy suitable for everyone? 

No it isn't, there are some health conditions that would make it unsuitable.  It's important to contact me and we can discuss that. 

Is Body Psychotherapy like a massage, can I just book one session? 

No, its not like a massage and no I won't book people in for a single session.  It is Psychotherapy that also uses the body in the work.  We build up to body work, it doesn't happen straight away.

Do I keep my clothes on for Body Psychotherapy?

You wear loose, comfortable clothes, but you are clothed. 

Do I need to book the same session time every week? 

No, some people choose to, some people work shifts or have other commitments and need flexibility. 

Can I come every 2 weeks or once a month instead of weekly? 

I usually ask for a weekly commitment for individual therapy.  This isn't set in stone, so get in touch to discuss. Relationship counselling is every 2 weeks. 

In relationship counselling do we have some some sessions individually? 

If you both want it, then you can each have one 50 minute session 1 to 1. Usually the 2nd and 3rd sessions.  After that, you will both need to be in every session.

Do you work with children and young people?

I'm happy work with people aged 16 and over, but work with children and young people's requires skills and training that I don't have,