Individual Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is the deep work that drives sustainable change. This is modern integrative therapy with people aged 16+.  It works with the Person-Centred approach as its core modality.  It also integrates Character Analysis.  Character Analysis is a key part of Orgonomic Psychotherapy.  It maps a person's defensive or Character style, which is an adapative set of defences built up over time, that come through in how we look, how we speak, hold our body, behave, think, feel.   Our Character is who we have learned to become in order to manage what we have experienced.  It is not who we are supposed to be. 


Psychotherapy delivers a powerful combination of awareness building around feelings, emotions, defences and behaviours and it focuses on the application of that new awareness to everyday life, i.e. how you behave and interact.  


Psychotherapy takes the form of dynamic therapeutic conversations and creative therapeutic exercises. 


How it works:  Psychotherapy needs a commitment from you to attend weekly sessions for at least 12 weeks, and the gains are worth it.