Relationship Counselling  

Modern Integrative Relationship counselling based on the IMAGO relationship counselling principles.  From the IMAGO perspective, challenge in a relationship is normal and to be expected, with some tools and training people can learn to communicate better, connect more and resolve what's going on - if they choose to.  


People don't have to be in crisis to benefit from relationship counselling.  It can help people who are working well together work even better. 

IMAGO based relationship counselling works best with 2 people, though the skills learned can be taken out into all sorts of relationships.  Same sex partnerships, undefined partnerships and heterosexual partnerships are all welcome.

It is an evidence based, precise and systemic way of working that is organised around a dialogue process, which partners learn and practice together every week.  The focus is on the partners and how you communicate, the therapist is a facilitator.


How it works:  90 minute fortnightly sessions.