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"Caring for myself is not

self-indulgence, it is


(Audre Lorde)




Services / Fees


Initial 15 minute appointment by phone or video link where we assess whether counselling with me feels right for you at this time - Free

Subsequent counselling sessions -£70 per hour

Bodywork sessions - £120 per hour 


Fees are paid before of after each session by card, cash, cheque or PayPal.

Skype or telephone clients must pay through PayPal. 

For ease of payment use the link here. paypal.me/therapeuticfitness


You do not have to commit to a set number of sessions and you can choose to end therapy at any time.


Therapeutic Fitness

A warm welcome to Therapeutic Fitness, a practice that offers face -to-face and

online counselling and psychotherapy. 


People ask about the difference between counselling and psychotherapy.

For me, counselling is shorter term work where you have a fixed number of sessions in mind to focus in on a specific issue.  Psychotherapy is longer term work that might focus more deeply on the self rather than a specific issue, or a complex mix of issues that can track back into childhood.  Neither approach is 'better' than the other, just different in some aspects.

The choice depends on a number of things; budget, time, the nature of the issues we are working with, previous counselling experience.  Some clients know that they only want a certain number of sessions, some just start the process, see where it goes and how they feel.

However we work, we work in partnership, to help you feel through what is

getting in the way of the more fulfilling life you want to live.

Feeling through can  help you build your emotional fitness, and with that can come new awareness, space, perspective, lightness, freedom. Imagine what you could do with that.


The Therapeutic Fitness space is at

Room 7, Suite 2A

The Cunard Building,


L3 1JR



Therapeutic Fitness, The Cunard Building

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